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Piri-Piri Rotisserie Chicken

Piri-Piri Rotisserie Chicken
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If you've ever had a craving for Nando's, but haven't been able to figure out how to make their chicken at home, this recipe is for you. 

The sauce is spicy, but tasty. It can be used on chicken breasts or wings, and pork tenderloin or ribs. 

This recipe includes instructions for rotisserie chicken, but if your oven does not have a rotisserie spit, the chicken can also be made in a pan. The only slightly uncommon ingredient here is the pimento paste - you're most likely to find this at an Italian or Portuguese grocery store, but you might get lucky at your regular grocery store in the international section. 

Makes approximately 0.5 L of sauce - enough to cover three chickens with light coverage, or two chickens with heavy sauce coverage. 


1 can of beer 
75 mL of chicken broth
1 tbsp of Frank's Hot Sauce
100 grams of butter (3/4 of a stick)
2 tbsp of salt 
1 tbsp of olive oil
3-4 tbsp of paprika (depending on taste preference)
1 tsp black pepper
2 tsp of pimento paste 
1 tbsp of cayenne pepper
1 bouillon cube of Knorr chicken 
3 cloves of garlic, crushed 
2 lemons 
2 whole chickens
Roll of stainless steel wire 


Place all ingredients except lemons into medium-sized sauce pan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, occasionally stirring to ensure no sticking. 

While the sauce is heating, prepare the chickens. After all strings have been removed, use scissors or cleaver to cut down the centerline of the chest to butterfly the chicken. Use pruning scissors on the neck and rear of the chicken, if the scissors are not working. Cut the neck and rear into a V-shape to completely remove the tail and neck. Clean all excess fat from chickens, and run under water to remove any other debris. 

Lay chicken flat, and then press down on either side of the chest. This will ensure it's fully butterflied. Place chickens in tray. 

Once sauce has boiled, cut one lemon in half and squeeze juice into sauce. Slice other lemon into eight and place slices into sauce. Allow sauce to simmer on low heat for further 3-4 minutes. 

Set aside 1/4 of the sauce for serving. Pour the rest of the sauce over chicken and place in fridge to marinate while oven is being lit and prepared. 

Light Cinders Outdoor Oven, and bring to 320-350 degrees Celcius, and keep at that heat for 45 minutes to 1 hour by slowly adding wood as necessary.

Once fire starts to burn down, chickens can be placed on the rotisserie. The first chicken is placed so that the chest of the chicken is facing toward the handle. Insert the spikes of the rotisserie attachment into the chicken's chest. The second chicken should be placed so that its chest is facing away from the handle. The legs of the chickens should be facing each other in the middle of the spit. Use the stainless steel wire to tie one leg of each chicken to one leg of the other chicken. In other words, the legs on the left-hand side of the spit will be tied together, and the legs on the right-hand side of the spit will be tied together. Thread another piece of wire through each chicken's back, and tie to spit. 

Here is a picture of how it will look when you're done: 

If only cooking one chicken, the wire is unnecessary. The spikes on one end will go into the chest, and the other spikes will go into the thighs. 

Some embers underneath the chicken in the middle of the oven is alright, but you do not want a huge stack directly underneath - the skin will cook too quickly. Push excess embers to side. Heat should be at around 250 degrees Celsius when chicken goes in. Open both doors, and hook spit into hole in back of oven. Begin cooking with skin side down. Close door and rest rotisserie on door tab. Ensure you're using gloves so that you do not burn yourself. Close top door. 

Every five minutes, remove chickens and brush with marinade. Rotate to new position. Chickens should be in the oven for approximately 20 minutes. Use thermometer to check that meat is fully cooked by placing in the thigh, careful not to touch bone. Chicken should be around 170 degrees F. 

Check chickens before serving to ensure all the stainless steel wire has been removed. Cut into desired pieces, and serve with set-aside marinade. 

Now the most important part: yell at someone else to make a salad, and then sit back and let the compliments wash over you. 


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